I can, you can, continue to trust God and sow in the land of famine and lay hold of a hundred fold return in this same year.  Whoo Hoo!  That makes me dance.

I think times of famine really reveals the heart of God’s people.  Will we continue to trust Him?  Will we?  Will we continue to walk in faith, refusing to walk in fear?  Do we believe His word?  You and I will know the answer to that for ourselves before this ends, I can assure you of that.

As for us, we have been preparing for this spiritually for years!  We are ready for this!  Time to shine!  Time to lay hold of golden opportunities!  Time to reap in days of famine!  Time to rise to a new level in God!  It’s time!  Let’s do it!

Father, we thank you for this time!  We will continue to trust in YOU.  With you nothing is impossible.  We thank you for covenant increase in times of famine – it’s your promise and we receive it now, in Jesus name.