Are you walking free from sin as He has enabled you to? Are you walking free from sickness and disease as He promised we could? Are you in lack or are you walking in the abundance and prosperity that He paid for in your place? Do you carry around shame for your past or have you accepted His sacrifice and are now walking in His glory? Is the devil running rampant in your life or are you reminding him that he no longer has any right to your life? Did Jesus get all He paid for?

Friends, I am not saying it is easy and I am not saying it won’t take time but at some point we should begin to walk in ALL Jesus paid for. Can you imagine purchasing someone a very expensive gift that would enhance their life beyond anything imaginable only to find that they keep it on a shelf because it just seems to hard or impossible to receive?chair1

The price is paid in full. Jesus should be able to look across this earth and see a people who are healthy, whole, financially secure and walking in their dominion, but I don’t think that is what He is seeing all the time, do you? I want you to think deeply about this question today; Is Jesus getting what He paid for? Are you a living testimony of the FULLNESS of what was purchased at the cross? I am not completely there yet, but this question has compelled me to press on and press in- I have a blood bought right to all these things and I intend to walk in them…starting now…how about you?