If you are one who has been found faithful. If you are one who has been standing firm on His promises. If you are one of those, I believe He is speaking this to you today. He is saying, “it’s YOUR Pino time, I, Yahweh will enlarge you, I will expand your borders, your boundaries.”

All we need to do is believe. Blessed are those who believe and have not seen. (Luke 11:28)

Blessed or empowered to prosper are those who take God at His word. To believe God is our part in this promise. Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.”

We only need to be still, trust in God and align ourselves with this word. How do we do that? With the words of our mouth.

Come into agreement with His word in this season. He is enlarging the place of your tent and broadening your borders. Even if you don’t yet see it in the natural, it’s important that we don’t prevent what God has declared over this season by our words, but instead trust that He is well able to do what He said He would do! Get ready! It’s Pino time! He will enlarge!