There are two ways to handle approaching famine or lack. One is to hoard up and hope for the best. This is usually done in fear. Now, I am not against saving, I think having an emergency fund or savings account is very wise, but I am talking about our attitude of fear when famine appears to be here.

Don’t hoard or store up with an attitude of fear. Instead do as God tells us to do, sow in famine.

Put your seed in the ground and let it speak to the lack or famine in your life – let your seed say ‘famine, you are not welcome here. God has declared me blessed, He says everything I touch prospers, therefore my seed is prospering and producing a hundred-fold return. But it won’t stop there, my seed will keep producing until I am very prosperous, to the point that those around me are jealous, just as they were with Isaac. Now, speak seed, speak to famine.’

It is only in giving that we receive. It is only in sowing that we reap a harvest, there is no other way. If a seed is not planted there will be nothing to grow from and if there is nothing to grow from, there will be no harvest.