This is not the time to be a lukewarm Christian. Revelations 3:16 says those will be spewed out of His mouth.

This is the time to read/ hear the word and do it. We must be a doer of the word of God if we are to be found on the God side of the dividing line.

It’s a time to examine your heart. To ask yourself a few questions…

Do I love my neighbors well? Do I obey Gods word? Do I give to God what He says belongs to Him? Am I one of His? Does He know me? Is my heart free from unforgiveness, strife, hate and bitterness? Do I seek His face daily?

We have stepped into a new season, a season of dividing.

Those who are playing church will soon become obvious.

However, those who are true followers of God will begin to experience His blessings, His peace, His prosperity, His healing and everything else that comes with Him like never before. It is an exciting time in the Body of Christ and I am so glad I know where I stand in God…how about you?