What’s your first reaction when you come under attack? Run. It’s that way for all of us. Why is the enemy counting on this so much? Because of the end of the scripture – if you refuse to quit and allow patience to take you through the trial or test – he knows that you will be complete, perfect and lacking nothing. As long as he can keep you incomplete or in lack, he wins, but when you press on to completeness, he loses. 20101005-IMG_8952v2

Paul said, I have fought the fight and completed the race. So many times we get into a time of testing or trial and we began to ask God for the way out – we want to quit. But I have learned that if you stay in the fight, speak the word only, walk in love and let patience have its way – you win every time and you come out complete. The book of James says our faith is tested – and I can vouch for that one. Our faith is tested. But if in the test, we stay in the ring – we win!