Friends, I know life is busy and I know we have a lot to do but don’t sacrifice today getting ready for tomorrow or worrying about tomorrow.  Enjoy today.  The bible says to enjoy today because tomorrow will have enough problems of its own.  Enjoy today.  As corny as it sounds, stop and smell the roses.  Instead of rushing through the mall, stop and say hello to a little one or stop and hold the door for someone.  Instead of rushing to work, let someone pull out ahead of you.  Instead of rushing through lunch, stop and buy lunch for someone else.

Instead of rushing to work today, stop and thank God for this day he has given you.  Thank him that you’re breathing and walking and talking.  Thank him for your kids, your spouse, your job, your life.  Thank him that he is there for you.  This is the day your Lord has made….choose to rejoice and be glad in it…okay?  Okay!