In the New Testament we see Jesus speaking to disease, speaking to demons and even speaking to trees. Our words have power and we will have what we say, good or bad.

Even knowing this I was still astounded when I studied some of the words of this scripture in Proverbs 20:4. The word sluggard means, a lazy person, an idle person, a habitually lazy person. The word plow, one of its meanings is to speak, to not keep silent. The word cold is speaking of winter. To beg in harvest means he will have to ask for provision which should not be necessary in a time of harvest. The word harvest means process of harvesting.

Therefore we see that if we are idle during this time, if we choose to stay silent during this time, we will not have a harvest, we will have to ask others or God to provide for us. This should not be so during harvest season.

We must speak to our harvest on a daily basis and call it in. We must declare and decree what we want to see happen in our harvest season – we harvest with the words of our mouth. We harvest with past prophecies and promises. We harvest with what God has said about us and our finances. We must refuse to remain silent during the process of harvest.

Job 22:28 says; you will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you; So light will shine on your ways.

This is not a time to keep silent, this is a time to declare a thing and watch it become established for you. I read something the other day that said this is a time to decree a thing like never before. It said that we cannot keep silent during this time, we must be proclaiming his promises day after day until the fullness of our harvest is in the barn.

Our words are more powerful than we realize. We simply have to harvest with our words during this season.

I urge you, if you have a harvest out there and you believe that it is YOUR time to harvest, then I urge you to begin to harvest with your words today. Spend as much time harvesting with your words as you would if you were harvesting in the natural. I promise you if you do, it will be well worth the time.