Are you prepared for what God has for you?  Are you prepared physically, mentally and spiritually?

Let me ask you this; if someone told you they were buying you a car and you didn’t have a driver’s license, what would you do?  Get a license, of course!  You would be prepared so that when your car arrived, you would be ready to drive it.

Prepared means to make all things ready.  I like that, make all things ready.  For me, personally, to make all things ready meant I not only needed to get things in order in business and home, but I also needed to make sure my mind was prepared for what God was showing me was coming down my path.

Which goes along with one definition I found for prepare, it said prepare means also to make ready your mind to receive and secure the blessings of the Messiah.  You see the Bible says, as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.  You have to be ready in your mind to be promoted or to succeed or even to have a tremendous amount of blessing poured out on you.

Are you ready?  If your blessings come this moment, are you ready?  Are there things in your life that you need to tweak to prepare for the blessing to be poured out on you?

Are you asking God for a mate?  If so, are you physically ready to meet that person?  Are you financially ready, how about spiritually ready?

Are you asking God for a car?  Have you looked around and found the one you wanted?  Have you checked on insurance for that particular make and model?

Are you believing God to get you out of debt?  Do you know exactly how much your debt is?  Do you have the names and addresses of your debtors ready and waiting to send that final check?

Are you believing God to heal your marriage?  Have you prepared yourself to handle that?  Are you ready to make whatever changes necessary to have a great marriage?

Mostly, is your heart ready?  Have you checked your heart and made sure that there is nothing in your life that needs to be cleaned up before God can come and walk with you and bless you.

Let’s start the year off prepared!