The Lord is our Shepherd, we shall not lack.

You know, sometimes we are happy to just get a little relief…for things to become tolerable. However, I believe we have settled for that long enough. Time to come out of that survival mentality and enter into the SHALOM way of thinking. It’s time to receive the complete package Jesus died to give us, don’t you think? That includes prosperity and physical wholeness in our bodies.

Today I declare over you… “God is bringing you out. He is, just as He did before, bringing you out with silver and gold…with the wealth of the wicked, with more than enough, with all your needs met and an abundance in every area of your life. And He is bringing you out whole in body…with no feebleness in any part of your body…totally healed and whole in Jesus name.”

This is how our God does things, and we refuse to settle for less. Amen and so be it.