I don’t believe God’s greatest desire is that we spend time praying and reading the word of God, I believe His greatest desire is that we spend time with Him, getting to know Him, becoming intimate with Him, becoming one with Him just as Jesus was one with Him.  We can pray constantly and still not know God.  We can know and quote the word of God and never come to know God in an intimate way – that would be very sad.  Not only sad but I think it has a great deal to do with whether we survive a battle or walk away from God – I believe those who KNOW God are less likely to walk away from God even when times are beyond difficult.  I read a quote in Breanne’s wall art catalogs; it said ‘Adversity…some break down, some break records.’  I think this is very true in our spiritual life as well – and I think the difference is found in those who KNOW their God, these are the ones who break records.