I encourage you today; if you have become discouraged, get up. Don’t stay down another minute. I don’t care what it looks like – get a vision of what God said it would be and hold onto that image. Whatever God has said is the truth, everything else is the accuser trying to keep you down. Never listen to the accuser. Listen only to God. And He is saying ‘get up, move forward, into your destiny.’greenpoint

Get up! I know it is not easy, I have had to pick myself up too lately, but get up and continue to stand in faith – we are people of faith. Pressure is good for us, it causes us to press – it causes us to develop faith muscles and makes us stronger than ever.

Expect change! Knowing your God is faithful and He will not fail you. Not today, not tomorrow, He only had a good end for you. Don’t become discouraged. Do like King David did – talk to yourself – tell yourself to continue to hope in God. Continue in His word, continue to speak His word, give it that one more push! You will be amazed the strength that will flood your soul and you get up and continue to trust Him.