From the archives…….

Proverbs 23:18 says For surely there is an end and your expectation will not be cut off. Whatever you are going through will come to an end, the word ‘expectation’ here means – thing hoped for – and the Bible says it will NOT be cut off. That means it will not be taken away or permitted to perish. The challenges will come to an end, God promises that they will and what you are hoping for, your ‘thing’ hoped for, your expected end will come – it will not be cut off.IMG_4127

Friends, things in your life may have appeared so that a ‘Happily Ever After’ seems impossible for you – but that is a lie from the enemy. God has seen everything that has happened up to this day and nothing has shocked Him, AND, He still has a good plan for you, one filled with hope and peace, AND, you will see an expected end, the ‘thing hoped for’ here on this earth. Lay hold of that word today and claim it as your own, for it truly is. Your happily ever after is assured in God. Stay in Him and you will see it. Now – – – may you live Happily Ever After from this day forth, in Jesus’ name.