I encourage you today to remember the power in words, watch your words, watch what you say for you will surely have it. And if you have been speaking negative things over a situation, change it today and begin to say only what you want to see. And watch those words work. Begin to speak God’s word over it and watch it come to pass. I do believe that what we speak must line up with God’s word. I don’t believe we can begin to say ‘I have this or I have that’ and it come to pass if it isn’t something God’s word says you can have. But I do believe there is power in words and if your desire lines up with God’s word, speak over it. Declare over it. The Bible says we will declare a thing and it will be established. I know that is the truth, I have seen it happen over and over again. So, today, begin to declare a thing and watch it come to pass. For you will surely have what you say.