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Use Your Own Buckets – and Pour!

I believe that it is God’s desire and plan for His people to prosper. I don’t believe that it is Gods plan for His people to be in lack. You see it all throughout the Bible, God’s people prospered, multiplied and had plenty. Even when there were times of famine, God’s people always prospered and were blessed.

In the New Testament the Bible says that Jesus became poor so that through His poverty we might become rich. I think that is pretty clear. That’s not to say that we will never have a challenge or that we will never experience lack – sure most of us will or have – but we shouldn’t make camp there and stay – we should press on to the promise God has for us of prosperity.

I know that not everyone will be in business but I do believe it is God’s desire for us to have several sources of income – it’s my own personal belief. As I was thinking about this in my prayer time this morning, I came across a scripture found in Numbers 24:7 (Amplified Bible); it said Israel (God’s people) shall pour water out of their own buckets, have their own source of rich blessing and plenty. I believe this goes along with what God has been showing me. The Bible didn’t say ‘a bucket’ it said ‘buckets’, plural.

I believe that God wants us to gather as many buckets as we can and begin to pour out rich blessing and plenty.

The Bible also says that God will give us witty ideas and inventions – are we pressing in for those in the Body of Christ? Are there things in your heart that you have wanted to do in business and simply have never taken the first step? If so, perhaps God, Himself put those things in your heart as one of your buckets – the place where you will pour out your own sources of rich blessing and plenty. If that is true – what are you waiting for?

Many people are afraid to step out and try new things – fear is your enemy – face it head on and ask God to direct your steps and prosper your way – then step out there.

I am fully convinced that it is Gods will for us to prosper and I am fully persuaded that He wants us to have many buckets – as many as we want – but it is up to us to gather those buckets. You may think there is no way for you to have a bucket, or many buckets – but that is a lie – there is a way and God will show you the way if you will only seek Him for it.

God said His people would pour out our own source of rich blessing and plenty – out of our own buckets – He said it and He will watch over His word to perform it.

I know that many of you have business or side businesses – begin to declare over those that they are pouring out rich blessing and supply, every single day. Begin to declare over everything you put your hand to, your job included, that it is pouring out rich blessing and supply. Its Gods word for you and it is His will for you – will you receive it? I sure hope you will because the wealth of this world is NOT supposed to be found in the hands of those who oppose God but in those who belong to God – YOU – take your portion!