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Steer Yourself to Peaceful Waters

My friend Deborah is on vacation this week, she rode her motorcycle through Colorado and beyond. We have talked several times and each time she will say ‘the wind is wearing me out, it is so strong.’ Today she shared with me that God had shown her yesterday that she continued to have exactly what she was saying – the wind was wearing her out day after day.

The Bible says that our lives literally follow the direction of our words. Let’s take a look at James 3 in the Living Bible;

We can make a large horse turn around and go wherever we want by means of a small bit in its mouth. And a tiny rudder makes a huge ship turn wherever the pilot wants it to go, even though the winds are strong. So also, the tongue is a small thing, but what enormous damage it can do. A tiny spark can set a great forest on fire. And the tongue is a flame of fire. It is full of wickedness that can ruin your whole life. It can turn the entire course of your life into a blazing flame of destruction, for it is set on fire by hell itself.

You see, it’s just like a ships rudder – it guides that ship wherever the pilot wants it to go. So it is with our tongue – our tongue or the words of our mouth will guide us wherever we wish to go. It can guide us into rough waters, or it can guide us into peaceful waters.

Today I want to encourage you to not make a shipwreck of your life by using your tongue to guide you into destruction. You may ask ‘how would I do that?’ With the words of your mouth.

You see, we often curse our future with our words and they are usually words that we don’t even give a lot of attention to – things we have said all our lives. Just like Deborah saying the wind was wearing her out – day after day, it wore her out.

We have a Strawberry Festival in our town each May. All my life people have said the same thing concerning this particular week each year – they say ‘it always rains during the Strawberry Festival.’ I used to join in with that saying but as I learned the power of my words, I stopped doing that.

Probably 90% of the people in our town make this comment as soon as they begin making preparations for the festival and sure enough, it rains every single year.

How about those people who say ‘I work and work and it never gets any better, I get farther behind all the time.’ Or ‘I have given every time God tells me to and I never get a harvest.’ Or ‘I prayed for healing but I just keep getting sicker.’ What you are doing when you say such things is guiding your ship into particular waters.

Take one day and listen to yourself and what comes out of your mouth – your mouth is like the modern GPA systems – it literally is leading you in one direction or the other.

The book of James says your words can turn your whole life into destruction. That is serious. It would certainly be worth listening to yourself for one day and seeing for yourself what comes out of your mouth.

Years ago, when I learned the power of words, I would listen to my daughter and if she would say something like ‘that just kills me’ I would say ‘well then I agree with you.’ She caught on real quick and she is watchful over what she says. So should we all be.

On the brighter side – if your life is being guided toward shipwreck by your tongue – it can also be guided toward peaceful and wonderful waters. You course of life can be changed by simply changing the direction of your words. Isn’t that amazing? I think it is.

I am a work in progress, I still find myself saying something like ‘that happens every time.’ When you say something like that about negative things you are giving it literal permission to be that way every time – if you want things to begin to be different – you will have to speak differently.

It reminds me of when Bryson was little – he slept all day and stayed up all night. His mom was getting exhausted. His doctor told her to reset his clock. She asked how she did that. He said you will have to make him stay awake all day – no naps – and then he will begin to sleep all night, his clock will be reset.

Breanne did that and Bryson slept all night from that day. It wasn’t easy – it was a very long and tiresome day – but it was worth the effort.

It may not be easy to change your words, it may be a process but I can promise you one thing – it will be worth the effort. Your ship will be led into peaceful and wonderful waters. It’s easy – don’t say what you see – instead say what you want to see. I know it will feel odd at first but your course will be changed and you will begin to see what you say – after all, isn’t that what you are seeing now – exactly what you say.