5780 – New Decade, New Month Declaration:

Lord, we come to You and we celebrate Your new year! We thank You for bringing us through 5779 the Year of the Door and we now move into 5780, the year that begins a new decade – a NEW ERA. It is our end and our beginning! We leave the decade of Ayin and begin the decade of Pey or Speaking! We call back what the winds have scattered from us in other seasons! We will use our mouth to declare Your will for us and for Your Kingdom. And we know that as we give the first fruits of this new year to You, it will set our course for the entire year!

We also understand that the fall feasts are upon us and as we are now in the Days of Awe leading up to the Day of Atonement. During these days, we reflect and repent before You Lord desiring to be cleansed according to 1 John 1:9. Thank You for the precious blood of Jesus. We purpose in our hearts to return to You and experience Your glory.

As this is the month of justice, we pray for our judicial systems in America from the small town to the federal government and we cry out for Your Spirit to invade our land! Invade our court systems and the Supreme Court! Invade every house including the White House! We cry out for Your justice Lord in this land. We trust You!

Father, as You have changed the season and even the Year, may we move and flow in Your ways. May we not get complacent in old ways of familiarity, but seek You for the new path ahead! Show us anything we need to let go of in order to walk through the new door of this year! We will honor You and obey.

As this is the month of reflected light, may we be mindful each day to reflect Your light in our thoughts, words and deeds. May those around us come to Your light because of Your reflection in us! May Your people reflect You all over the world to usher in the next great awakening! We cry out for revival and a move of Your Spirit!

As this is the month that we return to our absolute source, we return this day, in every area of our lives to our absolute source which is YOU. We call things that have been scattered returned to us. We call harvests that have been hidden or held up released and returned to us. We call family members that have been scattered returned. Prodigals – Hear the Word of the Lord! Come back to your absolute source this day in Jesus’ Name!

Father, we ask you to cleanse us from all bitterness. If there is any unforgiveness in our hearts, please reveal it to us now by the power of Your Spirit. We choose to forgive just as You have forgiven us! We declare bitterness must go! In Jesus’ Name! Continue to arouse our desire for You and awaken the dreams, desires and hopes that You have placed within us! Awaken anything in our hearts that needs to come alive! Give us Your decrees and Your will to declare in this new decade, this new era. We will use the weapon in our mouth for Your glory! In Jesus’ Name.

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