To begin this writing I must go back to May of this year. During the month of May when I would pray I would get excited about the month of August, I felt it was a pivotal month for the body of Christ. I felt that many would come out of places of lack and into abundance during that month. I felt many would come out of sickness and into health during that month – I felt it was a coming out month for many of us.

Therefore, when August came I was excited and expectant. August started out great, then it seemed that thing after thing hit, physically, financially, emotionally and in every other way imaginable, my excitement waned to say the least. Before I knew it I found myself at August 20th. With the end of the month in sight I began to ponder on what I had felt the Lord showed me for this month – I began to pray and seek God about it.

In the meantime I was getting email after email from people who needed financial breakthroughs. Emails and phone calls were coming daily for prayer for finances.

A couple days later I received a teaching from Rene Picota, who I had never heard of until recently when I found him on It seems his life has paralleled mine in some areas, this one in particular spoke to me. I am going to share a portion with you…

“The secret to financial breakthrough isn’t a secret God keeps from his children. It comes down to two things:

1. Stewardship. You can make plenty of income but if you are unwise with your finances, then you are setting yourself for failure. Many of you are broke because you don’t know how to manage your finances. It is time to ask for help from someone who does, and get a budget.

2. Tithes & Offerings. If you are not putting into practice the principle of sowing and reaping with your finances, don’t expect a harvest. You sow and then you reap. When you tithe, you give God 10% of your gross income. Tithing comes with a promise that God would open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that you can’t contain it. He also promises to rebuke the devourer. You may say you can’t afford to tithe. Then you still think you are your source of provision, not God. If you truly see that He is your source of provision, then when He he asks for 10%, you should trust Him. Some of you that need a financial breakthrough in your businesses and ministry need to start tithing from your earnings. I know several churches that have a 90 day tithing challenge. If you tithe for 90 days and God doesn’t begin blessing your finances you can get a full refund on your tithes.

God is faithful to His Word. How I broke out of poverty was by sowing a $100 seed. When you sow $100 it will set into motion something in the spiritual realm. I received a breakthrough within a few days in my finances.It was over 20 times the size of the seed I sowed! I kept sowing and sowing and reaping and reaping. It’s important to sow into a ministry that has the anointing and glory of God on it. Some of you may need to take a leap of faith and sow $100 right now, even if it costs you something, or if it is all you have. Don’t eat your seed.”

It was over twenty-five years ago that I sowed my first $100 seed. That was when I began to break out of poverty as well. I have shared it with you before, it was a seed specifically for a job that would enable me to work with the word of God and spend time daily with God. I have eaten off that harvest for more than twenty-five years. Since then I continue to sow and I continue to reap as I sow.

I still believe it is time for many of God’s people to come out of lack and debt this month. I believe that with every fiber of my being. Many years ago the Lord spoke a scripture reference to me as I was driving to PA. I was driving along the interstate and God’s presence came into my car and He said ‘this is your life scripture; Psalm 27:13.’ At the time I had no idea what that scripture said, I had to wait until I stopped and looked it up.

It says “I would have lost heart if I had not believed I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living.” I have literally lived that scripture all my life. What has kept me from losing heart has always been that I knew I would see the goodness of God in my life and I knew I would see it in the land of the living, in this world, now, not when I get to heaven. We have that assurance.

I was talking with a friend on the phone last evening and she reminded me of this scripture. As she did I could feel faith arising and I again believed August was a month of coming out for many of God’s people. Friends, it is not over yet – God, our God, created an entire world, dispelled all darkness in less time than this. He can, once again, dispel all darkness and debt and lack and sickness and anything else you have need of before this month ends. As for me, and our ministry, I intend to finish strong. I intend to come out. I hear that song playing in my mind ‘I’m coming out!’
I refuse to be discouraged, I refuse to look at the date, I believe God put August in my heart for a purpose and I refuse to miss it.

I love the rest of the scripture found in Psalm 27, verse 14; “Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!”

I am going to continue to know I will see His goodness in my life and I believe I will see it this month. I will wait on Him and be of good courage, how about you?

I am praying for each of you – that this is YOUR MONTH and you are coming out of all bondage, lack, debt, sickness, and anything else you need removed from your life – this is our MONTH – we are coming out as a great army of the Lord. We are coming out!