Several years ago I had a dream that I entered a large building. While I was in one of the rooms, water began to pour into the room and it kept coming until it covered my head. I was trying to find a way out but I couldn’t. Finally, I saw a door and pushed as hard as I could and got out. A few months later I had the same dream again.

Recently, I was talking with a friend. I had been thinking about that dream. We weren’t talking about it, we were talking about something else, something going on with her. In the midst of the conversation she said ‘I had to show her the way out.’ When she said those words it felt as if God, himself, was saying them to me. I felt STRONGLY that he was saying ‘I am showing you the way out.’

You see recently God has been talking to me about declaring the word of God like I did many years ago. Yes, I do still declare the word of God and confess his word but nothing like I did twenty years ago. Twenty years ago it was a vital part of my day. I spent a great deal of time confessing scripture and declaring his word over my life; I did it every single day before I left my house.

Since then, the ministry began, life got busy and although I still have time for God I don’t make time to confess as much as I once did. I felt strongly that God was showing me the way out of the time of testing begins with confessing the word of God over my life once again, as I did before. The first key to the way out is declaring Gods word over your life.

God created the world with words, we can do the same thing. The bible says over and over that we will have what we say. The bible says there is power in the word of God. I know when we take his word and make it personal and declare it over ourselves and our family it will cause things to change – I know it because I have seen it.

As many of you know, I began this year with a new commitment unto God. And part of that commitment includes speaking his word over my life as I once did. I can tell you that I walked in victory at that time, I was never sick, sickness didn’t come near me. I was so covered in the word of God that it didn’t dare try. I don’t know why I let it slip, but I did.

At that time I had some books, mini-books, by Charles Capps that had great confessions in them and then I took the scriptures I wanted to see come to pass in my life and made them personal and I confessed them over my life. I confessed the word of God over my daughter, my finances, my body, my life, my walk with God…every single aspect of my life was covered.

I don’t know where you are in life and I don’t know if there is a situation you need to find a way out of. You may be, like I was in the dream, feeling like you were drowning with no way out, but there is a way out. I believe God had clarified the beginning of the way out for me. By confessing his word over my life and every situation in my life.

It is the way out for you as well as for me. God word is alive and powerful and it changes things. It will for me and it will for you. It is my desire to encourage you today to begin to declare his word over your life – over your situations – over your children – over your finances – over whatever area you feel you are drowning in. Change your words and change your world.

I keep thinking of that song that says ‘I’m coming out! I want the world to know, got to let it show….I’m coming out!’ That’s our song this year friend. We are coming out. Out of lack, out of sickness, out of trials, out of depression, out of loss, we are coming out and coming into the abundance of God, He is bringing us out into a place of rich fulfillment and we have to give him the words to work with…we’re coming out!