While I read yet another prayer request via email, a question ran through my mind. What harvest are you expecting?

Lately, I have had numerous emails just like this one, most are needing one of two things, healing, or financial miracles. The good news is both belong to us through the cross of Jesus Christ. As one pastor says, they are already in our account, our job is to access them. We must lay hold of them and its high time to do that, don’t you think?

Can we reap a harvest if we have not sown the seed? No, I don’t think so.

For whatever a man sows, that and that only is what he will reap. (Gal 6:7)

If you are in need of a harvest of healing, you must sow seeds of healing.

What do I mean? I am saying you must dig through the Bible, find scriptures concerning the promises of healing and begin to sow those seeds in your heart. The Word of God has to power within itself to bring it to pass. No Word from God is without power – it’s your job to release that power into your heart.

Along with the Bible, the internet is helpful in finding numerous scriptures for healing. It only takes a moment to google healing scriptures. If you want or need healing, you must be willing to do the work. To search out the scriptures. To mediate on them daily and get them into your heart. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. No one else can do that for you. I can pray, others can pray, but you alone must sow the seed of healing into your heart – if you are ever going to see a harvest that will remain.

This same truth applies to finances. If you find yourself in financial lack right now, you must sow seeds of prosperity into your heart. Again, search through scripture and find scriptures concerning prosperity. Take those scriptures, place them all around your house, read them, mediate on them, confess them daily and watch God bring those words to pass in your life.

These principles do not only apply to healing and prosperity, but they also apply to whatever area you need a breakthrough in. Marriage, reconciliation, restoration, business, children, peace of mind – all these things and more are covered in the Word of God, they are promises from God. God has a plan for you and it is a good plan for a good future.

Jesus came that you might have life and life more abundantly…He has provided the way…it is up to us to walk in that path. Part of that is making sure we always have the right seed in the ground. Again, no one else can do that for us.

Yes, we can have someone lay hands on us and be healed, according to the Bible, but we still have to hold on to that healing and that is done through the Word of God.

The same with finances – we can receive a breakthrough and get through one month but if we don’t learn the Word and the principals of God concerning prosperity, we may find ourselves in lack again and again.

Breakthrough is great, but living a prosperous life continually is better, don’t you think?

My friend, what harvest do you need to reap today? Healing? Abundance?

Reconciled relationship? Children serving the Lord? Soundness of mind? Do you have seeds in the ground for that harvest? If not, get to planting. Don’t fool yourself, you will ONLY reap what you have planted. The good news is whatsoever you sow – THAT shall you reap! Sow Gods Word deep into your heart – you have His promise that it will indeed come to pass.

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