I have a question for you today? Is God’s presence flowing out of you each day?

You see, last week, I was praying over some prayer cloths to send to a lady who is ill. I pray over them for several days and then lay them in the prayer room for a few days. Why do I do that? Because there is an anointing in the prayer room and it is tangible. Therefore, I know it will rest in and on that prayer cloth.

I also realize without the anointing, or the presence of God, that prayer cloth is simply a piece of fabric.

As I thought on this, I began to think about Peter and how people were healed when his shadow passed by.

It was not the shadow that healed them, it was the anointing, the presence of God that was flowing out of Peter. Had he not had the presence of God flowing out of him, he would have walked by and been like any other man, and no healing would take place.

Whatever is in you is what will flow out of you. If the anointing and the presence of God is not in you, it WILL NOT flow out of you.

So, how do we get it in us?

Let’s take a look at scripture. Galatians 6:7 says; Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
For God’s presence to flow out of us, we must sow it into our life, literally into us. The Message Bible says it like this; what a person plants, he will harvest.

The word soweth in this scripture mean to draw, to plant, to set in the ground for growth and to settle and establish.

If you want God’s word flowing out of you, you must plant the word in your heart and water it daily. If you want His presence flowing out of you, you must do the same thing. You must spend private time in His presence, cultivating the presence of God in your own personal life.

It is a fact that when you cultivate the presence of God, either in your personal life or in your home, it will leave a TANGIBLE manifestation of His presence and that, my friend, is where everything else flows from, nowhere else.

I heard a statement over the weekend that pricked my heart. The man said, ‘today the body of Christ gathers around a sermon each Sunday, however in the days of the Bible, they gathered around a presence.’

It is true, in the Bible, where ever the presence of God went, the people followed. Today, sadly, many sit in churches listening to a sermon and the presence of God isn’t even present. My friends, it should not be this way.

One thing flowed out of Peter that day…only one thing. It was the presence of an Almighty God flowing out of him and healing everything in its path. You can do the same thing, only one thing is required.

You must sit at the feet of Jesus, you must spend time in the presence of God. Spend so much time in His presence that a tangible manifestation of His presence is all over you, then you will begin to see things happen, then you will begin to see miracles, signs and wonders, then it will be just as you have imagined. Why? Because what is planted in you…must come out.

Prayer for today: Father, I long to be a person of your presence, teach me to sit in your presence until nothing but YOUR presence is flowing out of me, this I ask in Jesus name. Amen.

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