Have you ever been in a situation where you were diligently seeking God about something? After a long period of time, you finally feel His presence and know without a shadow of a doubt that He is with you, you literally feel Him walking with you and you know, you just know your miracle is at hand.

Then all of a sudden, a familiar voice begins to tell you that things have just gotten much worse in your situation and you want to yell ‘now what?’ What do I do now? Jesus is on the scene – He is actually here with me and now things are even worse, how can this be?

This isn’t a new strategy of the enemy – we have seen this scenario before in the New Testament, remember Jairus? He found himself in this situation. One day, his daughter was very sick, he ran to find Jesus so that she would be healed. And he did find Jesus and even persuaded Him to go to his daughter and lay hands on her. Can you imagine his relief as he walked by the Lord who he knew without a shadow of a doubt would make his daughter well? I can only imagine how I would feel as a parent.

As they went their way, he must have been thinking about how grateful he was and how relieved, then suddenly one of his servants came to tell him that what he thought was his miracle was too little, too late. He said ‘don’t trouble Jesus any longer, she is already dead. It’s too late. Ah…but Jesus.

When Jesus heard the servant and knew that he had told Jairus that his daughter was dead, Jesus didn’t comfort Jairus and say ‘oh I am so sorry, we should have walked faster and we may have reached her before she died.’ No, He said ‘fear not, only believe.’

Fear not, only believe. What Jesus was saying was ‘don’t be afraid, just keep your confidence in Me.’ Jesus was telling Jairus to not allow fear or doubt because Jesus knew that fear, if tolerated, would contaminate the faith that had brought Jairus to find Jesus in the first place. If Jairus could hold his confidence steadfast to the end, his miracle was assured.

You see, sometimes the enemy will see us so close to breakthrough – our miracle within reach and then he will bring some well meaning person to ‘tell us the facts’ to attempt to get us into fear – knowing our faith will be contaminated and we will not see our miracle.

If Jairus had listened to his servant, his daughter would have remained dead. But, instead he listened to Jesus, the author and finisher of his faith; he refused fear and hung tightly to his faith. And his faith produced evidence of his miracle – his daughter was made whole.

I have often found myself in this very place. On the brink of a manifestation of my miracle, knowing in my spirit that it is within reach, then out of nowhere, some well meaning voice will begin to share the facts with me – as they see it – and if I listen to that voice I may get off track and get my eyes of Jesus. This is a vital point of your miracle.

What Jairus didn’t do is as important as what he did do. What he did do was listen to Jesus and continue walking. What he didn’t do was speak fear. He did not allow another word to come out of his mouth. He simply followed the Healer. He simply kept walking toward his miracle, knowing that whatever words came out of the mouth of Jesus would absolutely come to pass, if he only believed.

My great-grandmother used to say ‘if you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all.’ This is a great thing to learn in life and an even better thing to learn in a spiritual battle. If you can’t say what Jesus would say – say nothing. If you can’t speak faith, keep quiet and just keep walking.

It reminds me of Joshua, chapter 6. God told the people to march around the wall for six days and to not allow one word to come out of their mouth, not to say anything until He gave the command.

Can you just imagine what people would be saying – if they were allowed to- who had been commanded to march around a wall for six days? Can you imagine the complaints you would have heard? Can you imagine the negative words like ‘I don’t know why God said do this, nothing is happening, this is ridiculous, this will not make a wall fall down.’

God knew His people and He commanded them to keep silent. Unless you are speaking faith, you are much better off if you keep quiet and keep walking.

We often pray a prayer in faith and then we begin to speak words of doubt or declare that it isn’t working. Oh, my! When we do this, we simply pull up every seed of faith that we have sown. If you can’t say what the word of God says, be silent.

I encourage you today – when you sense your miracle and you are literally walking toward it – don’t be surprised if the enemy sends you a message that he hopes will bring fear and discouragement. Don’t fall into his trap. Listen to your spirit. Listen to Jesus.

If you listen, I promise you will hear Him saying ‘fear not, only believe.’ You will hear Him whisper to your heart – ‘don’t be scared, just keep trusting me, allow the faith that brought you to Me to carry you all the way to your miracle…keep believing, you can trust Me, I won’t fail you.’ The faith that brought you to this point will carry you to the end; to the place of your miracle…only believe.