What Seed are You Sowing?


I was thinking about seeds and sowing and harvest the other day.  I began to think about the different seeds we sow.

When gardening during the Spring there are different seed I sow.  Some seed, like cucumber seed, produce a harvest in a short period of time.

There are many more seeds like that, tomato, potato, onion, squash, the list goes on and on.  Those seeds once sown, produce a harvest – one year.  When harvest season is over, I pull up the plants and wait for the next sowing season to come around.

Then there are seeds we sow that produce a perpetual harvest.  Meaning, once they begin to produce a harvest, they continue to produce, year after year.

These types of seed are apple, peach, plum and many others.

Once established, they never stop producing a harvest – one you can count on year after year. However, we must note these type of seed take time – they do not produce a harvest as quickly as the other seed. Some take years to fully mature. Still, once they begin producing, their harvest only gets bigger and sweeter with time.

What kind of seed are we sowing?  Are we sowing a seed that will produce a one time harvest or are we sowing a seed that will produce a perpetual harvest?

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. Galatians 6:7

Frankly, we need to plant both kind of seeds.  We can’t live on apples alone.  No, we need potatoes, tomatoes, onion, and the sort.  We need to produce both harvests therefore we need to plant both seeds.

Many of us plant seeds when we need a harvest.  God showed me years ago, when I have a need, I must sow a seed.  That seed will produce my need met.

The widow woman sowed her last meal.  That seed produced a harvest that lasted her until the famine was over.

Abraham sowed a seed, when he obeyed God and was willing to give his only son, Isaac.  That seed has produced a perpetual harvest that is still producing for each one of us.  That seed has brought forth a harvest for generations.

Yes, I will continue to sow seed that produces a harvest for one season – but I also want to make certain I sow seeds that will produce a perpetual harvest as well.

Therefore, today, I am asking God to show me how to plant and harvest perpetual harvest seeds every month – seeds that will produce harvest for years to come.

When you sow your seed today…or tomorrow…or this month – ask God to show you what seed to sow that will produce a perpetual harvest.  A seed that will continue to bring in harvest year after year – without fail.

All things are possible with God and nothing is impossible to him who believes. We can reap a perpetual harvest from our seeds sown.

This is something God has been talking to me about all week long – I wanted to share it with you.  May you and I begin to sow seed that produces an unending harvest – a tremendous harvest – one that we will be eating from in years to come.  And may God supernaturally bless our seed.



Appoint My Days

Because Your word is like a fire that consumes and a hammer that breaks the most stubborn rock into pieces, I will hide it in my heart that I might not sin against You.  I will declare it in every situation and therefore, breakthrough belongs to me!

Jer 23:29, Psalm 119:11