Morning on meadow

I know I talk about atmospheres often; and today will be one of those days. However, when we learn how important atmospheres are, we will make an effort to make sure we always have the correct atmosphere in our life, one conducive for miracles, one that welcomes the presence of an Almighty God.

I was studying the other day, reading some scriptures, listening to some ministers and I heard a statement that caught my attention. The statement was ‘what you are walking in is released into the atmosphere.’ Oh my, for me that was a strong statement.

I understand the importance of atmospheres and I am very sensitive to atmospheres, especially when I first walk into a place. I can tell you if there is peace there or chaos. If it is a church I can tell if worship takes place there continually or if it has to be ‘worked up’ every Sunday. When I speak at a conference, I can tell pretty quickly if the Spirit is free to move or if it is just a time for ladies to come together and eat and receive goodie bags. There is a difference and you can feel that difference in the atmosphere.

People create the atmosphere. What people do create the atmosphere. If you are walking in the love of God and a worshipful heart, you create a certain atmosphere. If you are thankful you create a certain atmosphere.

On the other hand if every little thing makes you angry, you, too, are creating an atmosphere. If you are always looking for what is wrong with a person, you are creating a particular atmosphere. If you are negative and expecting the worst you are creating an atmosphere conducive of the worst negative things to happen in your life.

I spoke at a church in Ohio once that was so filled with peace and the presence of God that it was easy to minister. I also have spoken at other churches where I could literally feel rebellion, strife and religious spirits – in those places it is almost impossible to minister – it is like speaking to a wall.

I recall one church I went to speak at, when I walked in and felt the atmosphere I thought ‘oh no!’ I knew I could not minister there and I also knew some of our partners would be there therefore I HAD to be able to minister. I began to pray and seek God, He led me to pray in the Spirit for a long period of time until I broke through that atmosphere and created a new atmosphere, one that God was pleased to dwell in. And He did.

I am saying all this to say; whatever you are carrying around on you – you are releasing it into the atmosphere and creating THAT atmosphere. It is just like carrying a flu virus, wherever you go, whatever you touch, you are releasing that flu virus into the atmosphere and onto the people.

What are you releasing? Are you releasing chaos? Are you releasing anger? Are you releasing bitterness? Are you releasing love? Are you releasing the presence of God? Are you releasing peace?

Friends we should be such a people that when we walk into a place if the atmosphere is wrong, it should immediately change because the presence of God is so strong on us. We should walk into a room and release anointing, burden removing, yoke destroying anointing. How cool would it be to walk into a room and have such an anointing on you, such a presence of God on you that burdens are instantly removed? Super cool, I would think.

I want you to check your heart today, check the atmosphere in your home, in your car, at your job….is it one of peace? Is it one that is conducive to the presence of God remaining there? It’s up to you – you create the atmosphere. Even if someone in your life is creating a bad atmosphere, the Bible says the greater one lives inside you – you can change the atmosphere. You and God are the majority; simply seek His face on how to change the atmosphere.

Friends, we are carrying something today – what are you carrying? We are releasing something today – what is it? Let’s make sure we carry His presence, His peace and release that into the world and the church – it is, after all, exactly what is needed.

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