I was talking with a friend today and began to think about some things, one thing I pondered most of the day is how we sometimes try to put God in a box. We see a way He has worked in the past and assume that He will work that way again.

While some scriptures are principles of the word of God and you can count on them to produce exactly what they say, there is one thing you can’t do. You can’t assume God is going to do something for you exactly the same way He did for someone else.

I used to believe that if one way worked for my brother or sister in the Lord, then it would work for me. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. So, I have learned a better way, ask God and be led by His spirit.

You know what I am talking about. We will read a book or hear a message about someone who fasted 7 days and God gave them a breakthrough in their finances. So, we fast 7 days and see nothing. Or we read about someone who confessed a certain scripture for a certain amount of days, and they were healed. Then you try the exact same thing and you are still sick, what happened? The only thing that happened was disappointment.

God had led them one way but perhaps He wasn’t leading you that same way. You see, if we try to do it someone else’s way, it becomes a formula, and God is not a formula. He will not be put in a box. Look through the Old Testament or even the New Testament, He gave Joseph a dream, but He didn’t give David a dream, He put David on the back side of a sheep pasture.

He gave Moses a rod, but He didn’t give Abraham a rod. God is unique and He works with every one of us in a unique way. Just because your friend spends four hours a day with God, you shouldn’t feel guilty if you don’t have time to do that. God didn’t put that requirement on you. I promise you that if God requires it of you; He will give you the grace to accomplish it.

What we often do is get excited when we hear what God did for someone else and we want God to do the same for us, so we want to know what they did to make it happen. I can tell you what they did. Whatever God told them to. Remember when Mary, mother of Jesus told the men, ‘whatever He tells you to do, do it.’ (John 2:5)

It’s that simple – whatever He tells YOU to do, just do it!

Several years ago, God blessed me beyond my imagination financially. A pastor came to my home, with a notepad in hand and said this to me; ‘tell me what you did to get God to do this for you.’
I can tell you, that statement offended the spirit of God in me. I replied ‘I didn’t do anything, He was all I had and all I needed.’

I didn’t have a formula, or a method. I sought the Lord and He made me to prosper. I didn’t try to do what someone else had done. I had simply become so hungry for God that I could do nothing but spend time in His presence. And He says ‘those who seek Me, find Me.’

I found Him. I found Him my own way. On my own path. I didn’t try to walk someone else’s walk, I walked mine.

It reminds me of another situation; I once went to a church that was really into praise. Me, I am a worshipper. After a while, I began to feel like I should be praising instead of worshipping – now, don’t get me wrong, I love to praise God as much as the next person, but I am a worshipper.

Nevertheless, I kept trying to fit in the mold I thought was being made for me. At night, instead of worship, I would try to praise, I was miserable.

One night God said to me; ‘Do you realize that you are like David trying to wear Saul’s armor, don’t put on someone else’s armor.’ That statement set me free. I am a born worshipper, everyone around me can be praising, but if God desires worship from me, I will worship.

You have to walk your own path, the one God has laid out for you and you alone. You can’t be a carbon copy of anyone else, God created you as an original.

I am not saying it didn’t work for them, it obviously did. But it may not work for you, and if it doesn’t, don’t be disappointed in God if He didn’t lead you that way. Wait on Him. Follow His lead and walk your own path. I will leave you with this:

Instead of following someone else’s path, go instead where there is no path and make one. Make your own path, and enjoy the journey along the way.