It’s already there. Did you know that? Whatever you have need of is already there. God reminded me of this just yesterday.

My daughter called me to talk about something she wanted to do financially. My response to her was, pray about it, sow a seed toward it and then wait for God’s timing. As I was giving her these instruction, the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘what’s in your house?’

I knew what He was saying therefore I related the story again to Breanne and said, get your bottle of oil and start pouring into it.

Allow me to share the writing I sent out last year on this subject…

In 2 Kings, we find a widow woman who is struggling during a time of famine. The prophet comes to her house and asks her a question; what do you have in your house? The woman says she has a bottle of oil and that is all she has. He tells her to get the bottle of oil and when she obeys her and her family is sustained for the entire time of famine. Wow!

I know of a Pastor who sat down and figured up what that seed yielded and found it to be a thousand-fold return.

Consequently, one of our partners and I were talking about this very thing. She shared with me how she once sowed a seed and received a thousand-fold return. She said her pastor asked God about it and God took him to this scripture as well as to one in Deuteronomy.

After our conversation, I asked the Lord one question; what do I have in my house that I can sow. I really didn’t think much more about it. A few days later while I was in prayer, the Lord led me to sow some e-books to our partners – which I did. Later this same friend called and said, ‘when you sowed that seed, I knew it was ‘what was in your house.’ I said ‘wow, I didn’t even put the two together. Then she reminded me that it was the ‘what is in your house seed’ that yielded a thousand-fold return.

It jumped in my spirit and my faith for a thousand-fold return was activated. A couple hours later I checked my email and I had an email from another partner. He was saying thank you for the gifts of the books, and then he said, ‘I declare a thousand-fold return over this seed.’ I have already seen the harvest begin to come in off this seed. Praise the Lord!

You see, God says he will give seed to the sower and He gave me seed, it was something already in my hand and it was a powerful seed.

The Lord has not allowed me to stop thinking about this and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times he has confirmed it.

During the midst of this my daughter has an AKC dog that she had for sale. All her dogs sell quickly, but this one just hasn’t. It has been a few weeks. A couple times I thought about telling her to sow her. But it is her dog, and she could use the money, so I didn’t want to interfere.

But God has this ‘what is in your house’ so big in my spirit right now that today when she called and said someone had called about the dog, said they were coming to get it and then changed their mind, I began to share with her about the ‘what is in your house’ teaching. I said you can sell the dog but it seems that is not working well, so why not sow it? Sowing it will yield a bigger result than selling it. I said to her sow what is in your house and give God something to work with. And she did.

I don’t know if this teaching speaks to you or not, but it certainly has to me. I simply asked God ‘what is in my house that I can sow into your Kingdom?’ He showed me and I obeyed. I expect a thousand-fold return.

As always, I pray over each seed sown into this ministry; this month I am praying and declaring that you receive a thousand fold return…I simply believe that is the season we are in and as I said, God has confirmed it over and over again.

According to Deuteronomy 1:11; May our God bless you a thousand times more…just as He has promised.

Prayer for Today: Father, I thank you for the thousand-fold return. In Jesus name. Amen.