This week I have been reminded of a time, not too long ago, when a friend came to visit me from out of town. It was during the time when my foot was first hurt and when it was at its worst pain level. My friend, Donna, prayed for my foot. I wasn’t expecting what she prayed and it kind of caught me off guard but in the end was a key to my healing progression. Let me explain.

When Donna prayed she didn’t start with praying for the pain to leave, she starting coming against the fear of putting my foot on the ground because of the pain. You see, pain causes us to draw back and the word of God is clear, God has no pleasure in those who draw back. Now, I am not saying don’t pull your hand back from something hot, I am saying, ‘don’t let fear cause you to draw back.’

For me, at that time, fear of pain was causing me to walk a certain way and avoid certain things because the pain was so great. I know that at times we change things to avoid pain, and there is nothing wrong with that, but for me, at that time, fear was playing a part in my healing process and not a good part.

From the day she prayed that way, when I went to step my foot down, I would remember that and I would put my foot down normally, like there was no pain. I refused to allow fear to dictate my actions.

Now, I want to share another situation where fear played a part. I received a call from one of our partner the other day. She was talking to me about her situation and how she was afraid to take the calls coming her way because of her situation. And how she was afraid to contact certain people because she wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. I listened to her and was listening to God at the same time. When she was finished talking, I began to talk to her. I told her not to fear those phone calls, that God would give her favor, just make the call and deal with it. I told her not to be afraid to seek help, that God would be with her.

I later received a message on our answering machine that she had made both calls and both turned out better than she thought they would, she was at peace.

There are so many different situations where we allow fear to rule it, to have a say in what we are doing. It should not be this way.

2 Timothy 1:7 says; God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

My first thought on this is….if God has not given it to us, who has? Exactly. We do not have to accept fear. God has given us something however….power, love and a sound mind.

Do you know that the word ‘fear’ in this scripture is referring to something we have dominion over? Yes, it is…. The enemy wants us to think we don’t have dominion over it and will therefore walk in fear instead of walking in our dominion and authority. When we walk in our dominion and authority there is no fear and our mind is sound, and at ease.

I had dominion over the pain in my foot, the enemy brought fear of the pain so that I would lay my dominion down….it worked for a few days…but the fear was exposed and the dominion I already had arose.

Our partner had fear of facing her situation and the people in it, but the fear was exposed and faith arose and she walked in her dominion and authority and favor and dealt with the situation.

It is my prayer today that every EVERY single fear in your life will be exposed this day and your power, dominion, love and a sound mind will arise in every situation in your life – may it be so!

I would like to share a song with you all today! This song is sang by my best friend’s husband, Tanner Clark. After having the privilege of being in their wedding this past Summer I have come to know Tanner personally and I know he has a strong heart for God. I spent many years dealing with fear and anxiety and this song has an anointing that brings peace in those times. I pray it will be a blessing to you as it has been for me!


If this song is a blessing to you, you can find this song and more from Tanner on iTunes. You can also download it on Amazon and Google Play.

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