I believe in the power of prayer. I also believe we must pray in a way that our words hit the correct target with precision. I was thinking about all this one day when the Lord began to show me something.
We are all waiting in anticipation for God to change our nation. For something drastic to happen that will change everything – and God can do that – for nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with God.
However, I began to look back through the Bible to find when God changed cities and nations and what I found was interesting, at least to me.
First let me acknowledge there were a few times God executed judgement on a place – as in the days of Noah – however, He made sure His people were out and safe first.
Now, let’s go back to when God changed cities. We see it time after time throughout biblical history.
When God was about to change a nation or a region, He first changed a person.
Look at the deliverance of the children of Israel from Egypt. God could have destroyed that place and took His people out, but He didn’t. He appeared to Moses and gave him instruction. He sent Moses in to deliver the people.
God first changed Moses. Moses obeyed God, even if reluctantly, and went to Egypt. Through the many words of Moses and the actions of God, the people came out of that bondage. God used a man to change that nation.
And how about Saul in the New Testament. God appeared to him and changed him completely. He became Paul whom we know so well. Through that one act, thousands were touched and converted.
The same with Peter. A man who was once afraid to acknowledge his relationship with Jesus was touched by God and changed entire cities for God.
Still my favorite is the woman at the well.
She met Jesus by accident, or so she thought. He spoke to her and revealed who He was. These few moments changed her entire life. She went into the city to let everyone know who she had met. In doing so, an entire city came to Jesus.
God changed her and she was effective in changing her city. Did you know she went on to become an evangelist who changed city after city?
Do you want to see your city change? Then allow God to do a work in you that will change everything around you.
God works through people. He always has and He always will.
We see it time and again. A minister will go to a certain city and preach the gospel and that city will change for the better – wouldn’t you love to be one who can accomplish that for God? You can be – you only need to be willing.
As for changing our nation. We must point our prayers in the right direction. We must pray that God changes the people in office. That He has a divine encounter with the leaders of this nation. Let’s pray He reveals Himself to them in such a mighty way that they cannot deny His existence. That they would bow down and worship the one true God. May our God change the people who are destined to change our nation. He’s done it before, and He will do it again. Let’s agree and pray – shall we?