A small pond reflects a red barn nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont
A small pond reflects a red barn nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont

One night I received a text from my daughter, Breanne, asking me to pray for her, she told me that she was about to have to do something that is normally difficult for her. I texted back to let her know I was praying. As I hit ‘send’ the Lord spoke to me and said ‘I am positioning her to enable me to move mightily on her behalf and she is pleasing in my sight.’

He began to remind me of some things, a few that I have already shared with you. Over the past several years, God has been doing a mighty work in Breanne. She has transformed…that’s the best word I can use. She has taken the word of God and won a battle all by herself, without her Mom doing it for her. She has overcome fear. She has overcome anxiety. She has overcome running to me when she needs prayer in the middle of the night – instead she has taken the word of God for herself and fought with it…until she won.

Additionally she has had a major attitude adjustment. She is very strong-willed, like her Mom – however that strong-will has often landed her in trouble, spiritually and in the natural…and her mouth…God has even tamed that!

I have been so proud of her, watching her transform into this wonderful, gentle, strong woman of God. With all that being said, I wasn’t surprised that God said she was pleasing to Him. I knew she had to be, He loves her even more than I do and He has watched her struggle to come out of the cocoon and fly, He must be so proud!

I began to think about what He said ‘He was positioning her so that He could move mightily on her behalf.’ Now that may not make sense to you but it made perfect sense to me. There are things we do that hinder God from working in our life and there are things we do that position us to be blessed.

In years past, Breanne’s attitude hindered God from being able to move on her behalf. Her fears and anxieties hindered Him from doing all He longed to do for her. Yet now, as she has allowed God to do such a great work in her, she is now being positioned for blessing.

I began to think about position and things we do to position ourselves for certain things, let me share a few of them with you today.

Zechariah 14 tells us that when we worship God, we position ourselves for His blessing to rain down on us in abundance and to rain on our seed, producing a harvest.

Psalms 8 tells us when we praise; we position ourselves for the enemy to be stopped in our life. Luke 1:45 tells us that when we believe God, take Him at His word that we position ourselves to see a performance of what He has said to us. Exodus 14 tells us that when we have done all we can do, if we stand and refuse to back off God’s word, we position ourselves to see His salvation.

Galatians 6 and Malachi 3 tells us when we give and tithe, we position ourselves to have the devourer rebuked on our behalf and we also position ourselves to reap a harvest off our giving.

Imagine that the local news said that Wal-Mart was going to be giving away $500 dollar gift cards to everyone who was standing in line the following morning at 5am. Where would you have to position yourself to receive that blessing? At the door of Wal-Mart at 5am, of course.

It works the same way with the word of God, our actions are positioning us for one thing or another. It was interesting that when I looked up the word position it meant; manner of standing or being placed, attitude.

What is your attitude today? Is it one that has you positioned for blessing? Or is it one that has you positioned for lack and heartache? It’s our choice, we can choose life or death, blessing or cursing and we choose it by our position, our attitude, and our manner of standing.

If you want a downpour of His blessings, position yourself in a place of worship. If you want the enemy to stop his assault against you, PRAISE GOD and position yourself to stop the enemy in his tracks. If you want God to rebuke the devourer for you, tithe; that will put you in position for not only that but for the windows of heaven to open and pour out a blessing you can’t contain. Do you want to see His complete salvation in your life? Position yourself by refusing to move when you have done all you know to do.

This one thing I know: God is blessing His people this season, those who are in position for blessing – what are you positioned for?