Job 33:14-15 says; For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their beds.

I want to share a story with you from this past week. Breanne and her family went on vacation, when they returned Bryson became sick. He had a fever and a terrible headache. The first night back, they spent the night with me, which is when we discovered he was sick. We were up all night, he and I, with his head hurting so bad he couldn’t stand it. He became so hot that I called his Mom at 1:00 am. She and I went to Walmart to get children’s Tylenol to try to get rid of the fever. We did get his fever down, but it kept coming back. The second night he stayed with me again because we didn’t want Brailee to get this ‘bug’ he had.

That night, as he moaned and groaned in his sleep, I was praying for him. I had not ceased to pray since he became sick but I was praying earnestly, asking God what was going on and why his head hurt so much. I had been with this boy many times in nine years and I knew how virus’s affected him, this was different. As I prayed I fell asleep and I had a dream…

In the dream Breanne and I were trying to figure out what was wrong with Bryson. He was standing with us and I could see this form sticking out of his stomach. It was shaped like a frog. It looked so odd. I said ‘Breanne, what is that?’ When I asked her that question, the frog form came out of his stomach and landed in his hand. Bryson ‘said, oh Nana, it’s okay, I have had this for a while.’ And he put it back in his stomach. I had this dream a couple more times, the final time I had this dream, when Bryson said it was okay, I said ‘no, it is not, send it back to that field where it came from.’ He took it and sat it down in a nearby field and it left.

The next morning I could not get this dream off my mind, I looked up the interpretation of a frog. It meant a curse, usually a generational curse. Even now, I can see that frog form the way it was in that dream, under the skin of his stomach. I explained the dream to him and he and I prayed and sent it back to where it had come from.

Two days later we were still battling a fever and headache. Therefore on Friday Breanne wanted to take him to the doctor and find out what was wrong. When the doctor told us he had a viral infection, she went on to say that for the next month we would have to be very careful with him, she pointed to his stomach in the exact spot where the frog was in the dream and said ‘it affects the spleen and if he hits his spleen too hard it could rupture and it would cause big problems, therefore no sports, no wrestling with siblings, nothing that would hit his stomach in this area for one month.’ When she said that and pointed to his stomach I knew exactly what God was warning me about in the dream. When I arrived back home, I looked up the picture of a spleen and it looks much like the shape of a frog or at least the way it was in my dream.

I shared all that with you to remind you that God speaks when we ask questions; if we diligently seek Him for answers He will answer us. We may not understand the fullness of the dream at first, but just keep praying, it will all make sense in the end.

One night when his fever was so high and he was crying with a headache, I was praying and he said ‘Nana, I think the devil is trying to hurt me.’ I said ‘too bad Bryson, he has no authority to hurt you, you are covered in the blood of Jesus and no weapon formed against you shall prosper.’ We have to stand firm in the very MIDST of the battle, in the worst place, we have to stand and tell the devil to back off. God gives us the tools or the words to do just that. That’s what we had to do and that is what we did.

Maybe you need some answers today, if so, seek God, ask Him to give you a dream and ask Him to help you understand that dream. He will do just that. Frankly I didn’t expect Him to speak to me in a dream, but He did and I didn’t fully understand it at first, but I kept pressing into God. Now I know better how to pray and what to speak to. I thank God for my covenant with Him, I thank God for His faithfulness to me and my grandson. I thank God for the blood of Christ that covers that boy and his spleen.

God still speaks today, in dreams, in visions, as the little boy said just the other day, keep your ears in your tummy open, your spiritual ears – He is indeed speaking.

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