Today I was reminded of something that occurred between my grandkids, Bryson and Brailee.

One day, I was driving to run some errands. Breanne and the kids were with me.  Bryson and Brailee were in the back seat playing a game together on their iPad.

I heard Brailee ask her brother to help her with something on her game.  Bryson helped her with whatever it was, and she continued to play.  From the back seat, I heard her excitedly exclaim “Bryson, your world is changing my world!”

Two or three more times, Brailee exclaimed, “Bryson, your world is changing my world!”

As she did it went deep into my spirit. Your world is changing my world.

My mind went back to a different time.  My time…before God.

Back then I was living like everyone else in the world.  Living day by day.  Surviving and thinking this was the way life was and all it could ever be.  I was so very wrong.

When I met God and gave my life to Him, His world changed my world…. completely.

I was raised in a home of divorce.  My mom raised us four girls all by herself.  Times were sometimes hard.  Lack was prevalent.  But we were content.  We didn’t know life could be any different.  Even after I moved away from home, I thought life would always be a certain way.  We go to work, have a little fun, but we didn’t really hope for much more than that.  I was wrong.

There is so much more in God.  So much hope in God.  That’s what I discovered when I became born again.

I can still remember the excitement I felt when I realized I didn’t have to be broke or sick or sad or hopeless. I remember when I began to devour the word of God and the promises God made to His own.  In those days, hope came alive in me.  I knew if I chose to do things God’s way that my world would change.  I began to pour the word of God into my life.

One day, I listened to Billye Brim teach about words being and becoming things.  Wow!  What a revelation.  That day I began to change my words and cause them to line up with Gods words.

A short while later, I met Pastor Dave Roberson.  He showed me that I could walk in a peace that was tangible, regardless of what was going on around me.  He shared this revelation with me and I began to practice cultivating the peace of God in my life.  Today, I walk in peace almost every single day.  On the days it leaves me, I quickly notice and retrieve it.

Through those years, I discovered God, my Healer.  I have been blessed to receive healing from Him many times.

I discovered God, my Provider.  He has provided for me and my family repeatedly as we follow His ways and His word.

I found God, my Father, this one was important to me since I had grown up without a father in my day to day life.  My God became my everything.

What am I saying?  I am saying, His world changed my world completely.

His world – His word, can change your world as well.  All you must do is believe His word and apply it to your life.

God has a word that will speak into every single area of your life.  He has a word for your healing and wholeness.  He has a word for your provision.  He has a word concerning your family.  He has a word concerning your peace of mind.  He has a word for you, for success.  Everything you have need of is found in His word.  And His word will become the thing you need it to be.  If you believe it and apply it.  I don’t know where you find yourself today.  If there are things in your world that need changing, His world can and will change your world.  If you only believe and act upon His word.  Let the change begin today.



“I did not find this calmness in easy times; I found it in difficult times.”