I have prayed the prayer of faith and seen people healed instantly. I have fasted and witnessed tremendous breakthroughs. I have laid hands on the sick and seen those who couldn’t walk, walk again. I have confessed the Word of God over a situation and seen it change before my eyes. I have received communion and received a miracle healing for myself. All these are some things I have seen happen in my life and walk with God.

That’s all well and good but what do you do when you go through a season and nothing you have done before is working? When the prayer of faith seems to hit a brick wall. Or when fasting doesn’t bring breakthrough. When you take communion day after day and see no change – what do you do in those times?

Those can be very difficult and discouraging times.

There’s a song lyric that comes to mind as I ponder this season. “Even when I can’t see it, He’s working.” We see this truth throughout the Bible from beginning to end.

He was working in the life of His people before the flood. Preparing those who sought His face for deliverance. He was working in the life of Abraham to produce the promised son, even when Abraham couldn’t see it and tried to make it happen himself.

He was working in the life of David when he was on the back side of the desert, tending sheep, preparing him to defeat Goliath and become an anointed leader.

He was working for the children of Israel, even though it appeared to continually get worse for God’s people. God was working behind the scenes to make sure this enemy was defeated once and for all. Not only that, through that season God provided enough resources to cause His people to exit the place of bondage with great wealth.

Even when they couldn’t see it, He was working for them. And the same truth applies to you. Even if you don’t see it, He is working on your behalf.
So what do we do in the meantime? We walk by faith.

Hebrews 11 is filled with people who didn’t realize God was working on their behalf – but He was. They saw the promise fulfilled because they continued to have faith in God through it all. I love how the Amplified relates Hebrews 11. It says they were urged on and prompted by faith. Isn’t that awesome! What is prompting you today? What is causing you to press forward? I can tell you what, faith in God and His Word!

In Hebrews 11, verse 20 says, with eyes of faith Isaac, looking far into the future, invoked blessings upon Jacob and Esau.

I love this! Many are praying and believing for their children to return to God or find their purpose in God. Are you, like Isaac, able to look FAR into the future and invoke the blessings of God upon your children today?

This not only applies to our children, but to every aspect of our life. We can look into the future, with eyes of faith, in God and His Word, and begin to declare blessings upon every area of our life. Upon our children, our marriage, our finances, our health, our business, and our homes. And…we can invoke them upon ourselves too. Never forget that!

Have you wondered lately what to do when nothing seems to work? This is what you do. You look into the future; you call those things that be not as though they already are. You invoke the blessings of the promises of God – every day – until faith arises in you and you can again see the promises greater than the circumstances. As you do, you become like one of those written about in the book of Hebrews – a person of faith who without fail, sees the promise fulfilled.