Until recently, my prayer time of the morning has been routine. I would go into my prayer room and pray for a short period of time about general things. Then I would get out my confession scriptures and quote those, which really builds my faith. Then I would pray over my family, my partners and friends and anything else God brought to mind. I would then have a time of worship and then study the word for the rest of the time. But things have changed over the past few weeks.

As I always have, I leave worship music playing at all times in my prayer room. It creates an atmosphere conducive to prayer and worship. The peace in there is tangible. Sometimes I open the door just to let some drift out. I know it sounds odd to some, but it’s just how I see it. Anyway, as I said, things have changed lately which goes along with all the other change we talked about in yesterday’s motivation.

For the past couple weeks, when I go into my prayer room, His presence is there waiting on me. I immediately begin to enter into worship, I can’t help it, the atmosphere has so changed and it just stirs up worship in me. I haven’t confessed my scriptures each day, I simply worship. When God speaks to me to pray over certain situations and people, I pray as He tells me to. Spirit led prayer, we have talked about that before.

Years ago, I worked for Dr. Norvel Hayes of Norvel Hayes Ministries. He is a worshipping man. On many, many occasions I would find myself in service during the praise and worship, worshipping God, so lost in His presence that I didn’t even realize where I was, just lost in Him. Dr. Norvel would come over to me (it would always shock me because I was so caught up in God’s presence) and he would get my hand and say ‘come on honey, God is all over you, lay hands on people while His presence is there.’

Those words made an impact on me and have stuck with me for many years. That is what I see happening now as well. This morning as I was in His presence, caught up worshipping Him, His presence came on me in a mighty way and He said ‘pray for your partners now, while the anointing is here.’ So, He told me what and how to pray and I did, while His presence was there.

You see, without His presence I can do nothing. But when I am sensitive to His voice and His presence and I pray when He says pray, I know, without a doubt that the prayer I prayed hit the mark and things will change in the lives of those I have prayed for. There is absolutely no doubt that He answered my prayer this morning and what He had me release was definitely released.

Remember in the Bible, scripture says when the water stirred healing took place? It is the same thing, when the spirit of God is stirred, whatever you are praying for will take place and quickly. That’s the key to spirit led prayer. Wait until the tangible presence of God is there and then pray and declare His will over the situation. The anointing is there to destroy yokes and remove burdens and it will. You will see change.

I don’t know what it is for you that will cause His presence and His anointing to manifest, for me it is worship. It may be something different for you, but whatever it is, stay in that until He shows up and then pray and declare His will. You will find that it is easier to pray and you will pray with more faith and assurance and you will see results.

Often times, God will speak to me to write the motivation when His presence is there, when I do that, we get tons of response on how it ministered to others. You see, apart from Him we can do nothing, but with Him, nothing is impossible and it even becomes easy. Allow Him to lead you by His spirit into His way of doing things, His way is easy and powerful and gets results every time. Wait until the water stirs, then jump right in, you will see miraculous results!