This morning I was reminded of something that happened about a year ago.  A man, whom we did not know, bowed his head on the side of a road and cried out to God for help.  God answered his prayer.  But not in the way he would have imagined.

It was early one afternoon; Breanne and I were taking care of some business outside of the office.  Because this business took up most of our day, we didn’t plan to go to the office.

That was our plan.  But God had another plan.

As I was sitting at home, suddenly, I felt I needed to go to the office.  I didn’t know why, but the feeling would not leave me.  Therefore, I said to Breanne, “I need to go to the office, you don’t have to, but I need to.”  Off we went.

We had only driven a couple miles when we saw this man on the side of the road.  He was pulling a trailer. His trailer had obviously lost a piece of machinery.  You could see it scattered in the road ahead.  As I looked over at him, I saw his distress.  I also saw the thing that had fallen off his trailer.

I quickly said to Breanne, “turn around.”  She replied, “Mom, there is nothing we can do.”

Again, I said, “Breanne, turn around, we have to help him.”  She said, “Mom, are you serious?  Did you see that thing?  We can’t help him.”  I replied, “yes, we can, turn around.”  She turned around.

As we pulled up behind him, he had his head in his hand.  I could feel his stress.  Breanne said, “I am not going up there, he will think we are crazy.”

I jumped out of Breanne’s vehicle and ran to the other side of his trailer.  I asked, “Sir, can we help you?”  He began to speak to me even before he saw me.  He said, “that would be great!”  Then he saw me.  The disappointment was obvious.

I knew what he was thinking.

He thought “God, I needed help getting this heavy machine back on this trailer and you sent me a five-foot tall woman!”  I stood my ground.  He stuttered when he said, “yes ma’am, if you don’t mind.”

I motioned for Breanne to get out and help us.  The man, Breanne and I began to lift that piece of equipment up off the road.  This thing weighed almost 600 pounds.  I was praying.  Breanne was praying.  We were lifting with all we had.

It took some time, but we got that machine back up on his trailer.  We were exhausted.

He was so thankful.  We parted ways and drove to the office.

I shared with Breanne what I knew to be true, that God sent us that way, at that moment, just to help that man. Our God is that good.

However, we did not come in the package he expected.  As two women were trying to help him lift that equipment, dozens of men drove by us.  No one stopped to help.  They all looked, but no one stopped.

I know he would have preferred two strong men to stop and help him.  That didn’t happen.  It was two women who looked like they would be no help at all.

As I thought about this incident, I thought of something else.  I thought of the many times, God had brought deliverance for me in a package I didn’t recognize as him.

Perhaps we are praying for increase.  Instead of God dropping it in our lap, he may show us a way to make more money.  Or we may be praying to lose weight and God will show us how to change our eating habits.  What I am saying is this, it may not come in a package you would ask for.

When you cry out for deliverance.  God hears you.  He will send help.  He will always send help.  Don’t despise the package that help may come in.  It may not look like you think it will look.  However, if God sent it, it will bring deliverance.  Trust him.

Recently, I began a new endeavor.  Something I have wanted to do for years but didn’t have the confidence to start.  This year, I decided it would be different.  I was going to give it all I had.  Just as we did that day when we helped the gentleman lift his equipment from the side of the road.

I took the first step.  Numerous times I would hear this little voice saying, “what are you thinking?  You know nothing about this?  You are not going to succeed.”  Still, I pressed on.

After I purchased the first piece of equipment I needed, I couldn’t even sleep that night for the negative thoughts coming at me.  Finally, I sat up in bed and cried out to God.  I shouted… “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens and equips me!  I go forward in the strength of the Lord!”

I then prayed and ask God to send me the help I would need to succeed in this endeavor.  The next day I began to get texts from a friend who lives in another state.  She and a friend of hers began to tell me how they wanted to help me succeed in my new adventure.  They told me there were there to train me and help me do all I wanted to do.

God heard my cry and He sent deliverance.

Since that day, they have given me insight and help every single time I had a question – I thank God for these two women, who desire to help another woman succeed.

It doesn’t matter what your issue is – if you cry out to God, He promises to hear you.  And not only hear you, He promises to send deliverance.  It may not look like you expect it to look – but you can rest assured, deliverance will come.

Psalm 50:15 says; Cry out to me in the day of trouble and I SHALL deliver you and you shall glorify Me.  If you need deliverance today, cry out to God and thank Him that the answer has come…for it truly has.  Now…give Him glory!


Meditate on this:

Call upon me in the day of trouble, I shall deliver you and you shall glorify Me.  Psalm 50:15

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