Just before Christmas, a couple years ago, I was walking outside my house and saw a paper lying behind some shrubbery.  I leaned over and picked it up.  It was obvious it had been there for a while.  It was a note from the local water company telling me I had used about twelve times as much water as I normally do.  I had a leak!  And right before Christmas.

I called a couple people, but everyone was out of town for the holidays.  Finally, one man came and tried to find the leak, with no luck.  Eventually, I had to shut my water off and wait until after the holidays to get it repaired. This was not going to be fun!

A couple days after Christmas plumbers came to fix the leak.  They searched for the leak again, with no luck.  Finally, they decided to just put in a new water line.  Without being able to find the leak, it was continually costing money.  Something had to be done quickly.

A few days later, with water now restored, I was standing at my window looking at the dirt in the yard.  As I gazed out the window, I began to pray for someone that was having financial problems.  She was stressed and worried and didn’t know which way to go.

I was standing there praying when the Lord began to speak to me.  He said, “she must find the leak.”

I knew He was telling me that something was wrong somewhere and it was costing her.  We needed to seek God and find out where the leak was.

With this insight, I began to pray that she would find the leak.  That she would locate the thing that needed to be adjusted or repaired in her life that was allowing the money to seep through her hands.

A couple days went by before she called me.  She told me of some decisions she had made.  There were some things she had put in place that would change things for her.

First, because she was in a tight place financially, she had withheld her tithe.  She had set it aside. She didn’t spend it but was afraid to give it.  When we began to pray about the leak, she released her tithe.  With that release, a couple blessings came into her hands right away.  Ultimately, she made some decisions that would stop the leaks for good.

Often when things aren’t going our way there is a small adjustment that needs to be made.  If your money is leaking out somewhere, find out where the leak is.  The Bible says if you rob God it will be as if your purse has holes in it.  Have you ever felt that way?  I know I have.

If things aren’t going the way you would like them to or if they are not lining up with what God says about you or your health or your finances, then find out where the leak is.

It may be in your giving or tithing.  It may be in the words of your mouth.  It may be in your heart. Perhaps you are holding a grudge or unforgiveness in your heart.  It may be in your attitude.  It may be a leak of pride.  Whatever it is, seek God and find out where it is and stop the leak.

You can rest assured, if you have a leak it is costing you something.  Don’t let it cost you the blessings of God.  Keep yourself firmly planted in a place where the blessings are continually flowing to you.

When my water leak occurred, it wasn’t fun.  Yet, on the same day I found the note from the water company I received a check in the mail that covered the cost.  God knew what was coming and He provided before the need arose.

I have committed to keep myself in His plan.  To His purpose and His will for my life. I want to walk in his blessings; I do not want any leaks in my life, how about you?

I do not want leaks in my finances.  Therefore, I always joyfully, and willingly, give God what belongs to Him.  And I joyfully give offerings of thanksgiving as the Lord leads.

Today, if there is an area in your life that seems to have a leak. Seek God.  Ask Him to show you where the leak is.  And ask Him to help you repair it.  He wants you blessed even more than you do.  He sent His only Son, that we might have and enjoy life to the fullness, until it overflows…fix all the leaks…and live the abundant life He gave you…starting today.


Meditate on this:

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.  2 Cor. 9:7