Are you ready for things to shift? Are you ready for the winds of God to blow in your life and catapult you into ultimate victory?
I don’t know about you but I AM READY for the shift!

For me, the last two weeks have thrown more at me than I care to think about. Frankly, I haven’t even talked to anyone about most of it. I simply kept moving forward, kept praising and worshipping God and made sure the words that were coming out of my mouth lined up with Gods word.

To say I have been pressed is putting it mildly.

In the midst of the press, a friend sent me an email sharing something that had happened with him the night before. Even as I first began reading his email, I KNEW IT WAS GOD SPEAKING TO ME.

But not just to me, to all of us, now, let me share his story with you…

Things HAVE shifted!
This morning I got up at 5:00, as I usually do, and came down to the boat. I had to plug it in to charge it back up from last night’s races.
Kim, it was one of the strangest nights of wind I have ever witnessed on a race night.

When we first went out after the race committee boat, we checked in and waited for the starting series. Well, last night we got a late start because we had to wait for Lee, my friend. There was very little wind and it looked to be a very slow and boring race.

Well the wind seemed to want to have some fun with us. As we were motoring out we had our sails up and they were flowing back as you would expect with no wind. Then the fun started!

Suddenly, the wind took a major shift, almost 180 degrees. The committee was way out across the bay starting to set the racing marks when they got the shift and had to move clear across to the south side of the bay.

The wind would come and go and shift back and forth before the start while all the boats tried to figure out their best line of attack. There was even a delay as the committee boat had to reset the course. When the time came to start we were right at the end of the line with no room left and we timed it perfectly at the starting gun and with very little wind to help move into position.

What happened next was crazy good for us. I watched as the wind started building and shifted once again and lifted us to a course that was a straight course on our fastest point of sail to the turning (windward) mark. That means we were sailing at almost 6.5 knots when we usually struggle to get to 5.5 on the first leg. Not only that but a couple of the boats got into a shouting match before the start and started causing each other to fight each other up the course which of course slowed them down.

The wind stayed right where it was when we started the race and we were the first boat over the line. Now we just had to wait for all the handicaps to be added in to see how we finished.

This morning I get my email with the results…. drumroll please…. and there was Arial finishing first overall. We beat everyone in the club! A hole in one! The whole enchilada.

As I started writing this the time came up 555. Our blessings start now! God is causing our sails to be full and quick. He is changing our course to win! He is answering our prayers! Even the simple ones where we have asked “Just once Lord I’d like to beat them all”

I’m now praying for people to be told by their doctors that they have received A MIRACLE! The doctors will say ‘we have no other explanation.’ That Poppa will show up and show off how much He loves us in ways we never expected.

Just thought I would share an unexpected miracle!

When I finished his email, I went back and read it again and then one more time. I knew God was saying, ‘hold on, I know you feel like you are running against the wind, but the wind is about to shift and when it does, it will propel you to victory!’ My spirit leapt as I received what God was saying to me…but He wasn’t finished yet.

Friday night, I sat in my room, writing this word out, suddenly I felt compelled to go to Facebook. Now, I don’t really care for Facebook, but I followed my instinct and I am so glad I did. As I clicked on to Facebook, the first thing that came up was Chuck Pierce live. I hit play and heard him shout…’the wind is shifting! The wind is shifting! God says the wind is shifting!’

Oh, my word! I knew God was confirming what He was showing me, but not only that, He was saying ‘the wind IS shifting.’ Not ‘it is going to, but it is shifting NOW.’

I am excited! The winds are shifting and God is propelling us to victory! Victory is ours!
Declare with me today…. the winds are shifting! I am in the right place at the right time! Victory is mine today! Blow wind blow!

Prayer for today: Father, I thank you that the winds have shifted! Victory belongs to me today and I thank you for it, in Jesus name. Amen.