Yesterday, Kelita Deems, who is a tremendous blessing to this ministry shared something insightful with me concerning this month’s partner letter. She was so excited about what God was showing her that I ask her to write about it so I could share it with you….here is what God showed her, in her own words.

This year, I was blessed to be able to sow into A New Thing Ministries with both my time and my finances. I have been a financial partner for several years, but this year, I began to help with some clerical work. So, as I was reading the December Partner Letter and preparing to post it on the website, something leapt in my spirit regarding tilling – where she says this “I feel as if this year has been a year of tilling the spiritual ground with a hoe. As hard as it is, I love the look of a freshly tilled ground.”

As soon as I read this in the letter, I couldn’t help but remember a dream Kim had earlier this year and she shared it in a Motivation. Here is the dream…


…I was in my home when I heard a loud noise. I walked to the back door and went outside. When I looked across my yard to the field by my house, I saw two girls on a tractor. They were going around and around the barn, preparing the field.
I glanced away for a brief second and then looked back to the field. When I looked back there were hundreds of people going around and around the barn preparing the field. They were on tractors, tillers, plowing machines and every other piece of farm equipment you could imagine, all preparing the field. And they were moving around the field so fast it was amazing!

They were moving so quickly that dust was flying everywhere. As I watched I realized that they needed to get the field ready quickly, there was no time to waste and they were all hurrying to get it done in time. I knew it my spirit that there was no time to spare, it must be completed now. Then I woke up…


TILLING THE GROUND! I sent her an email and said – “Remember the dream you had? Where two girls were on the tractor and then there were others tilling? I believe you and Breanne were the two on the tractor and I believe it was your partners in the field! This year, I came aboard to help till the ground…my friend, Kim Paugh, through me, has become a regular prayer partner. Plus, all the regular partners and new partners this year! AND the tilling of the ground through Spirit fuel and the Elijah List! Oh and thanks to Brenda Guerra and Grizel Ocasio we are now tilling in Spanish! These are just the ones I can think of! It HAS been a year of tilling, my friend and the time is NOW! So, if 2015 has been tilling – then 2016 – sowing and reaping should follow.”

As I read and reread the dream from earlier this year, and the partner letter today, I cannot help but get excited about 2016. But let’s talk about 2015 for a minute…

In the dream, she saw hundreds of people tilling and preparing,….there were tractors, tillers, plowing machines, etc. When she first had this dream, it caught my attention because normally people dream of harvesting in a field, but this one was different. This one talked of tilling, or preparing the field. And the people in it were in a hurry. I believe we (and I say we because I am one of the partners with ANT) were in a hurry because we know the time is short to do the work of the Lord. However, I also believe we were tilling in order to sow into ANT! Think about it, you wouldn’t sow a piece of ground for nothing – you would only sow, or work in a field where you expected to sow – to plant into it in order to reap a harvest.

We also know, the preparation of the ground is as important as the sowing into the ground. A farmer will till, remove weeds, rocks, stumps and fertilize the soil and make it soft in order for it to easily receive the seed, and allow the rain to soak in and water the seed. I believe there were many people in the dream preparing the field and I believe this represents the partners of ANT. I also believe that God is speaking to others to join us. I know there is going to be an influx of new partners and givers into this ministry both now and in 2016.

Kim is launching out into the deep. She has ministered to more people in 2015 than ever before! And I, for one, am excited to be a part of not only the tilling, and the sowing, but I will also be a part of the reaping! (As well as all of our other partners and givers) Do you share the Motivations? You have just helped us till the ground! Do you pray for the ministry and for Kim? You have just tilled the ground and sowed seed! Do you give to this ministry? You have plowed with us! We are all working together! Hallelujah!

So, THANK YOU and get ready! Get ready to receive your harvest. If you are not currently a financial partner with us, I encourage you to pick up a hoe and start on your row! Join with us! Can you add ANT to your daily prayers? You pick up a hoe every time you pray! You sow seed every time you share a Motivation!

As for 2016 – I believe the Lord is saying to us that – Just as we have fervently plowed, we will now fervently plant AND reap! The scripture God gave me for next year is this:

Amos 9:13 – “Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord, that the plowman shall overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes him who sows the seed; and the mountains shall drop sweet wine and all the hills shall melt [that is, everything heretofore barren and unfruitful shall overflow with spiritual blessing].” The Amplified Bible

Friends, we are the plowmen who are about to overtake the reaper! And the hills that are melting – what jumped in my spirit is this – God is making the hills melt like wax at the presence of the Lord! (Psalm 97:5) I believe the Presence of the Lord will be with us and what has been barren in our lives will begin to bear fruit! Our God is faithful! He has promised! We are going to overtake the reaper, bear fruit in the barren lands and the hills before us will melt as we stay in His presence in 2016! What a promise!

In 2014, it was just a dream of Kim’s to be published on the Elijah List and other national venues. It was a desire for her to one day reach other nationalities. And you know what? These things were manifest this year and more! To God be the glory! What was once a dream, has become a reality! Our God is faithful! Kim has plowed and tilled for years. This year, especially, we have had people plow with ANT – and look at we are already seeing as the harvest, and my friends, it has just begun!

We want to thank all our partners and those who have labored in the ground of ANT, this year and in years past. There are partners from way back and there are those who are new – But just like the parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard in Matthew 20 – the Lord will pay the wages – it doesn’t matter when you came in!

Friends, as we close this year, let’s finish strong! If you are a partner, I am challenging you to give extra this month! If you have been thinking about becoming a partner or giving – there is no better time like the present.

A New Thing Ministries is good soil and the GROUND HAS BEEN TILLED! IT IS READY TO RECEIVE THE SEED!

We are praying over your seed, we are praying over ANT readers. It is our desire to see you strong, healthy and financially prosperous now and in 2016. It matters not what the economic indicators say in the natural – the Spirit of the Lord says the ground has been prepared and it is time to sow – sow your seed and watch Me overtake you and bless you beyond all that you can ask or imagine! Get ready to overtake the reaper!

I am ready! Are you?

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