“It is finished.” John 19:30

Everyone loves miracles. I love to sit and ponder the many miracles that God has done for me in my life of serving Him for the past 25 years. There were some that absolutely amazed me; they make me smile even to this day. You know how it is, when you are first born again, it seems that miracles come easy and almost weekly. And we think ‘now, that’s the life.’

But there is a better life.

It reminds me of a child, when they are little and they start out with Mom preparing their bottles every day. All they get is a bottle of milk – or even worse – a bottle of formula. This goes on for months, yet they are completely satisfied with their portion, not even knowing that there is so much more out there to appease their tiny taste buds. Months later, they get their first taste of baby food. I remember my grandson, Bryson, when we first gave him a bite of baby food, he made a terrible face. But then he decided he liked it. A few months later, we gave him mashed potatoes and gravy, and that became his favorite. He just loved it.

I remember thinking at that time, “What little Bryson still doesn’t know is that there is so much more out there for him to taste. He doesn’t realize that one day he will be able to eat a 3 or 4 course meal and have so much variety. He doesn’t realize that one day he will be able to cook himself anything his taste buds desire. Right now his choices are limited. But just because his choices are limited doesn’t negate the fact that all the wonderful foods are available to him as he matures. These are foods already in existence, but Bryson hasn’t discovered them yet.”

This brings me to my motivation for today. Back to miracles. Miracles are wonderful, as we all know, but they are not the best life we have available. That may sound ridiculous to you, especially if you need a miracle, but ponder this; what is better, needing a healing or walking in divine health?

Needing a financial miracle or walking in wealth? Needing reconciliation in your household or dwelling in a peaceable place, continually?

There are two problems I see with living from miracle to miracle. Number one, to go from miracle to miracle means you have to go from crisis to crisis. Now, who wants to do that? Secondly, everything has been provided for us – everything. Jesus said ‘it is finished.’ That meant we already have access to everything we could ever need. We don’t have to cry and beg for it, we simply have to command what already is paid for to come to us. I am not talking about commanding Jesus to do something. His work is complete; we are commanding our stuff to come. What stuff? Well, what do you need? Finances, health, peace, it’s all been paid for by the precious blood of Jesus. It’s already yours. The problem doesn’t lie in our provision, Jesus provided everything we have need of; the problem lies in our mindset, in our thought life. We must change our mind to change our situation. We have to go from thinking we need a miracle to knowing that what we need is already ours and commanding it to come to us, now, in Jesus’ name.

We have to go from thinking we need to be healed to declaring and knowing that ‘by His stripes, I was healed.’ It was finished two thousand years ago. We have to go from thinking we need a financial miracle to knowing that Jesus, though He was rich, for our sake He became poor, so that we through His poverty might become rich. That too was complete two thousand years ago.

I read an interesting thing the other day; I want to share it with you. It said ‘when God seems to not be helping your situation, He is sending His rhema word to your spirit. He is seeking to renew your mind. God doesn’t always change the situation, He changes your mind. If He changed the situation and didn’t change your mind, then your mind would still be attached to your situation and you would still be in bondage even though the situation changed. And the situation would occur over and over.

However, if you change your mind, then YOU can change the situation.’ Isn’t that good? That is why it is so important to renew your mind daily to the will and Word of God. It is vital to have the mind of Christ. Why? He never once thought defeat and He was never defeated.

I encourage you to write out scriptures to put before your face, whatever you have to do to cause your mind to line up with the Word of God for your situation. When you get the revelation that it is already done, the battle is won! Then you simply begin to declare out of your mouth what the Word of God already says and you will see your victory.

We must come to the revelation knowledge that it is finished and believe it with our whole heart, mind and soul. What is finished? Whatever you need! We don’t need a solution to our problem, the solution is here. We need a breakthrough of revelation of what is already ours and then we need to begin to walk in it. Then we will no longer need to go from miracle to miracle because we won’t be going from crisis to crisis, we will be walking daily in what Jesus died to give us. Going from glory to glory. Not up and down, but continually up. Continually walking in what Jesus died to give us.

It’s time to lay the bottle down. It’s time to eat the meat of the Word and stop living on milk alone. Milk is good and it will sustain for a season, but meat will satisfy and take you to a level in God you have dreamed of going.

Bryson is growing up fast, now he enjoys all kinds of foods. One day, he will drive himself to the best restaurant and order a meal fit for a king and enjoy every single bite. He will enjoy a meal that has already been prepared just for him. You have the same available to you. Jesus has prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies, don’t you think it is time to stop settling for crumbs from the table and pull up a chair and eat of what has been prepared and paid for just for you? So do I!

Begin to ask God to reveal to you all that belongs to you. This revelation will enable you stop going from miracle to miracle and to begin to walk in all that is yours. Daily walking in the blessing of God, not needing a healing but walking in health. Not needing finances, but walking in wealth. Not needing reconciliation but walking in peace and unity with everyone. Walking in your blessing!