Over the past two weeks I have watched Breanne go through battle after battle concerning her new ‘fixer-upper’ home. She is currently moving in but the battle has been hard for her. All through this time I have encouraged her to hold her peace, to respond according to God’s word instead of reacting in anger. She has done quite well, I think.

On the day of closing, it seemed like all hell broke loose against her and at the end of the day the loan originator had made some mistakes that cost her quite a bit of money. I continued to speak what the word says and encourage them to remain in peace, assuring her that God would take care of her.

Even with me saying all the right things, this was my daughter and I could see the stress on her and I was beginning to feel the pressure of seeing her struggling and hurting. I called Randy and ask him to gather the men and women of the Healing Prayer Call to pray with me concerning Breanne.

I love these men and women and it is such a treasure to me to have people I can go to and pray and know we are all standing in faith together. As each one prayed and gave me a word or scripture concerning Breanne, they all said the same exact thing, in different ways, hold your peace. Remain at peace.

As I was listening to them and praying with them the pressure left me and peace again ruled. I had let my peace slip, the very thing I was telling them not to do. However it quickly returned and I am back to annoying my daughter by encouraging her to stay in peace. She says it’s not that easy and I know that is true….it is something that must be practiced and walked in day after day.

I was reminded this morning of a scripture in Exodus 14:14, where the children of Israel had left Egypt and thought they were home free when the enemy began to overtake them once again; they were afraid and began to murmur and complain. Moses said; The Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace.

Hold your peace in this scripture means to be silent. What most people do when something bad happens or even appears to happen is open their mouth, and not in a good way, saying things that do not line up with the word of God OR with what they want the outcome to be. This scripture to me is saying ‘if you want God to fight for you, be quiet!’

God works with our words and our words must line up with His word and His plan if he is going to fight for us – therefore we have to keep our words right or be quiet. There are many times I say nothing or say ‘hmmm’ until I can say something that is pleasing to God.

My great-grandmother used to say ‘if you can’t say something good, say nothing at all.’ I think this is still a good practice today. And I will take it one step further, if you can’t say something that lines up with the word of God, be silent until you can.

Friends, I don’t care what the enemy tries to bring against you, God is with you and there is nothing the enemy has that is greater than your God. Your God will bring you victory every time, He will fight for you, you only have to hold your peace.

Today I encourage you to practice peace. Keep silent when you must and declare the word of God the rest of the time. And know….your God is fighting for you.

You Shall