Last week I read an article by Regner Capener about Appointments with God. It was an awesome article. He spoke of different times that people he knew or was acquainted with had made an appointment with God for certain things.

First he spoke of a pair of sisters who had made an appointment with their pastor to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Although the pastor had never heard of anyone making an appointment for the Holy Spirit, he confirmed the appointment and sure enough, when the ladies showed up, God showed up for the appointment and they received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Then he spoke of a group who made an appointment with him to be baptized in water. They showed up and God showed up for their appointment as well…as it turned out many more showed up and as they came out of the water they were soaked in the presence of God.

Regner shared appointment after appointment that people made concerning something spiritual and God always showed up for their appointment and met them there. And whatever they made the appointment for, whether it was baptism, healing or going to be with the Lord, it manifested at the time of their appointment.

I loved this article, it struck something in my spirit, I knew it was a truth and faith began to arise to set an appointment with God for something I had been standing in faith about for many years. I knew from the article that these folks didn’t make the appointment casually, they made it when they felt it was a GOD time and when their faith was there for the manifestation of that appointment. It was as if a gift of faith arose in them and they knew when the appointment should be – their faith was fully persuaded concerning their appointment with God and there was no doubt God would show up.

I kept this matter in my heart and ask God to give me a time for my appointment with Him. As I prayed this I also set about increasing my faith to receive. I knew I would know the time when it dropped in my spirit.

The Bible says ‘in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.’ (Mt. 18:16)

As God often does with me, He confirmed this word concerning making an appointment with God the very next day. The following day I received a partner letter from Bill Winston Ministries, the title was Renewing Your Mind to Time. He spoke of a time when he and his wife needed a home. Time after time they would find a home but something would happen and they would not be able to move. He said he began to fast and God told him to declare what he wanted. He said ‘We will move in seven days!’

He had made an appointment with God. He had the faith to move in seven days and he had set his appointment with God. He shared how after a couple days, miracle after miracle began to happen and sure enough, in seven days he and his family moved.

We see in the Bible where others set appointments with God. David said to Goliath ‘this day God will deliver you into my hand.’ Elisha said ‘by this time tomorrow you will be able to buy wheat and barley for one piece of silver.’ 2 Kings 4:16, the prophet said ‘according to the time of life you shall embrace a son.’ This was before the barren woman was pregnant. He set an appointment with God and God kept his appointment. The woman with an issue of blood set an appointment and said ‘when I touch the hem of His garment I will be made whole.’ Jesus met her at her appointment and she was made whole as He proclaimed, according to your faith, be made whole.

Faith is the key to setting an appointment with God. In all these instances the people heard from God or heard about God and faith arose in them for the fulfillment of the words being spoken and in faith, they set an appointment and God honored their faith by saying, as He often did, according to your faith be it unto you.

I have personally carried this word concerning appointments with me for over a week now, I knew I would know when to set my appointment. I knew I would know when that measure of faith rose up in me.

Tonight I read a word by Rene Picota on Spiritfuel.me. I knew when to set my appointment. Here is a portion of the word I read.

I hear the Spirit of the Lord in the next 30 days the tables will be turned. You may find yourself in a place of lack and striving right now, but 30 days from now the opposite will be true. You may be grieving right now but in 30 days you will be laughing and full of the joy of the Lord.

In the next 30 days I am rectifying legal situations says the Lord. I am giving you favor with the Courts, with paperwork, with large purchases, with houses, foreclosures, short sells, vehicles, buying businesses, and buying buildings say the Lord. In the next 30 days the angelic will become more and more evident in your life. Many will find feathers all around them. Many will feel electricity brushing up against them and they will get goosebumps. Those are the angels assigned to you.

This word exploded in my spirit and I set my appointment with God. I am excited. I have been excited share this word with you. I believe God wants many of us to set an appointment with Him. Pray and ask God if you are one of those.

Also, I have attached a pdf of the teaching by Regner Capener for you to read if you choose.

God is speaking and we are listening and responding. Set your appointment, He will show up, He is so very faithful and He is no respecter of persons, what He did for these, He longs to do for you. AMEN!

An Appointment with God