Any time I write on giving or finances, I get a few challenging emails.  Today I am remembering one I once received from a long-time partner.  She said, “when I saw the title, I did not want to read that email, but God prompted me to keep reading.”

That statement wasn’t offensive to me at all.  I know exactly how she feels.  Frankly, it made me laugh.

I have had times and seasons in my life when I felt if I heard one more teaching on tithing or giving, I was going to scream.  Funny enough, I have learned that when God tells me to give something, He is trying to get something to me, He is not trying to get something from me.  I have come to trust Him completely in that area.

Ninety-five percent of the emails I receive are from people needing a financial breakthrough.  It shouldn’t be this way in the body of Christ.

Many people, certainly not all, but many who need a financial breakthrough are not consistent tithers or consistent givers.  They give every now and then and are not happy when they get a breakthrough in their finances every now and then.

I want a consistent harvest therefore I am a consistent tither and giver.  While many say they can’t afford to give, I say I can’t afford not to give.

First of all, everything I have belongs to God.  Giving Him what He requires of me is a small thing to me.  Especially, since He promises to protect what is left AND He does.

It is the law of sowing and reaping.

Even being fully persuaded that the law of sowing and reaping is a biblical truth, I have discovered giving is a much more of a heart issue than a money issue.  Everything I have belongs to God and I want to honor Him with my life, my heart, my actions and my money.

If I don’t give, I am still saved, I will still go to heaven, but I won’t enjoy the fullness of the blessings of God that I am promised.  Therefore, I choose to give and to give with a thankful and willing heart.

Breanne went through this same thing several years ago.  They were in a hard place and she would say she couldn’t afford to tithe and give.  She stayed in a hard place for quite some time, needing breakthrough after breakthrough…. finally, she made up her mind to be faithful in her tithe…. she is now blessed.  She usually has extra.  She always is able to save for whatever she wants, whether it be a horse, or a barn or whatever is in their heart.  I have watched her faithfulness to God bring His faithfulness on the scene.

Some would say the tithe is part of the law, but from what I have studied in the bible, the tithe was established before the law.  Men of covenant honored God with a tithe long before the law was put in place.  As it is with sowing and reaping, tithing is a heart issue.  I don’t have to give to God…I get to give to God.

The devil does not want us to be givers.  If all the church were givers, there would be no lack and he knows that.

I was studying sowing today and came across something I had read before, but today I saw it in a new light. I love how the word does that!

I was doing a word study on the word sow and found, of course, it means to scatter seeds.  However, as I dug deeper I found another meaning.  It also means to take out your sword.

When you sow a seed, it is the same as taking out a sword and defending what belongs to you through the covenant of God.

When you sow a seed, you thrust forth your sword and say, “devil, I will have the abundant life Jesus died to give me!” 

When we give, we are declaring, “Lack, you must go, my money is protected by my covenant with God.  I am blessed and not cursed.  I have more than enough.”

So, you see, sowing shouldn’t be a desperate thing.  Our giving is an aggressive weapon!  Our sowing IS our sword.  I love that!

The next time you sow a seed, see it as a sword.  See it as a weapon…your weapon against poverty and lack.  Your aggressive weapon of faith.




Meditate on this:


2 Corinthians 9:10-11 – Now he that ministers seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness.