I was once given a prophecy that said ‘The Lord says, my hand is upon you and you’ll know my voice and you will know the times and seasons in which I shall move, saith God.  I am raising up within you a greater anointing and a greater power.  The gift of faith is going to become dominate in your life.  Healing is going to come and there will be healing in your right hand, saith the Lord.  You’re going to touch people’s lives.  There is going to be coming many who are broken hearted, those who are cast aside, those who want to give up and those who are cast under, I am going to use you to raise them up, saith the Lord.  The price you are going to pay will be hard but let it be established in your heart, I have called you and I have centered you out for this hour and this purpose.’

That night, God put something in my heart.  My hearts cry is to help those who are broken hearted, those who have no reason to go on, those who want to quit – those are the ones my heart goes out to.  It is my hearts cry to encourage them, to teach them, to pick them up and give them a reason to keep going forward, to keep fighting, to keep believing.  I want to see every single person whom God brings across my path, walk in the fullness of the blessings of God.  I want them to see a manifestation of all God has promised them in his word – that is my hearts cry.  This ministry is all about that; touching lives.  Giving God all the Glory.  Making an Impact.  Pleasing my Lord and God.  That’s the cry of my heart.

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  1. Happy Birthday to you dear Kim, I pray that our Savior continue to bless you in every area, every moment of your life and everything that is connected to you. (NUMBERS 6:24-25)…BE BLESSED…

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