Father God- as members of Your Ekklesia we come to You and thank You for all that You are working out behind the scenes. We release warring angels to our president and police officers and all righteous people in government today so that they accomplish Your will and things they could not do on their own.

We cry out for MERCY for our nation, for our President, for righteous men and women who are fighting to do the right thing all over the earth! We call forth Your Justice! For Your mercy and justice go hand in hand. We will not grow weary in well doing for we choose to walk by faith!

We call for righteousness in our judicial system and in our Supreme Court. We call for every ungodly justice to align with the plans of heaven and submit to righteousness or be removed! We decree this.

We decree every ungodly mayor, governor and legislator, from state to federal, will turn for righteousness or be removed.

We decree no fraudulent or mail in voting. No voter harassment in Jesus’ Name.

We decree corona virus has to flee our land. We cover our nation in the blood of Jesus,,,,every state and every border.

We release angels right now and we bind up every plan, plot and scheme of the enemy to cause harm, violence, mayhem and lawlessness. This is OUR LAND and we lay claim to it through the blood of Jesus and His righteousness.

We command all lies and deception be brought to light and accounted for.

We call for justice and mercy. We decree Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth, in this election, as it is in heaven!

Lord, we cry out to You and appeal to heave. Come heal our land. We repent for our sins and we know that we cannot survive without You.

We thank You and ask You to continue to rescue our children and restore them! We command a stop to lawlessness and violence. We release and commission angels to move across this nation and release peace and order! Restore order to our nation oh Lord.

We cannot do this without You. We love You. We thank You and we bless You in Jesus’ Name. AMEN

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